Rain or Facebook?

Facebook stock falls again. I think that’s funny.The kind of person to buy FB stock is not the kind of person to be on Facebook. And every Facebook user knows that FB has been going downhill. I know several people who have left, and don’t know of any new joiners. Hate to say I told you so! 

Hey Facebook! Wanna see the stocks go back up? UN DO that last “upgrade” you did. The one with the timeline that made Facebook look like MySpace. IT SUCKS!
It’s still raining. Now we’re getting some thunder and lightning so maybe this signals the beginning of the end of this weather pattern that’s been here.
Nervous Goldie-Breakfast in a rainy thunderstorm
Amazing Video of water coming down the downspout! Six Stunning seconds! What have you go to lose? Dazzling!

7 thoughts on “Rain or Facebook?

  1. I've never been a big Facebooker, but once they did that timeline thing my status updates went from maybe-once-a-month to never. Hope I didn't contribute to the decline.

  2. I am so not surprised about Facebook. I have made popcorn and I am watching that mayhem with keen interest.I would trade your weather actually. It is extremely hot here…and it looks like another drought summer is coming.

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