Rain Footprints

I was sitting here like every day, wondering what to post, well almost like every day, except today I’m scooched over against the wall, under the eave because it’s raininh (rained). And I saw wet foorprints on the concrete. So I decided to post pics of the wet footprints.

Isn’t it exciting? I got three views because of the reflection. I wonder what primitive left them? Probably some ancient caveman, walking around barefoot, maybe three or four millinea days ago.

In other news, we turned on the air conditioner a few days ago. Now the house is freezing and has 47% humidity. I went from sleeping with a sheet to two blankets. Also, many months ago, I unplugged the water heater, giving us cool, refreshing showers. I plugged it back in with the turning on of the AC, because I need hot showers to survive the cold. Here come the big summer electric bills. Normally, if there’s a breeze, we don’t need the AC, but it’s been very still.

The rain is starting to get me wet. I might have to move inside.

We needed the rain, it has been hot and sunny or a good long while. Also, I have a new umbrella that I’ve been dying to try out. It’s square, not round, and str-r-rong, like bull. Yesterday, I predicted I’d be driving today instead of riding the scooter, so all is well.

Well, I got to move, so I’ll cut this short.

Have a great DAY!

10 thoughts on “Rain Footprints

    • These were left over footprints, probably from someone walking around with suntan oil on their feet. (How oil got on their soles, I don’t know, a geologic mystery!)

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