Quite The Yesterday

I didn’t post yesterday, as you, like all my gazillion readers know, but it wasn’t my fault.

Yesterday the wife had to go to work earlier than me, I was worried that she would be interfering with my morning routine. I was very happily surprised that she was already out of the shower by the time I got home from walking the dogs.

What really shot down my routine was the fact that I tracked dawg doo over half the house, and was cleaning that up.

The poop was on my heel, and I came upstairs with noticing it, But once I started across the dining room to the kitchen, I noticed “a little extra cushioning in my step”.

Poop Shoes

Spray bottle and a roll of paper towels, how I spent my coffee/blog time yesterday.

Then, I rode the scooter, 30% chance of showers, and it became 100% overcast and rained. I’m lucky I made it home dry.

But other than that it was a really good day!

YOU have a good day today! Watch your step!

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