Quadruple Espresso

I occured to me yesterday, that lately I’ve been drinking a quadruple espresso as my first cuppa coffee in, I dunno, months?

See, not too long ago, year or two, I got a new coffee scoop that was smaller than my older coffee scoop. Lately, for a very long time, I’ve been making coffee in my four cup espresso maker.

Since my new scoop is smaller than the old scoop, I was using two scoops instead of one. At some point, I decided three was necessary to equal one of the old scoops. Then, I started using a little creamer, at the suggestion of my dental hygenist, who said creamer would reduce the amount of staining. SO I added a fourth scoop to the mix, thereby filling the coffee funnel full, and tamping it down.

Then the light bulg came on, the realization hit.. it’s a 4 cup espresso maker, I’m packing it to max capacity to make one cuppa coffee. Quadruple espresso!

With a little creamer.

Happy full moon Friday the 13th! First Friday the 13th full moon in 13 lucky years!

Have a great weekend!

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