Pushin it

Work is very slow. I’m looking for a job and if I get one, I’m shutting down my business. I liken it to pushing a car with flat tires. You can get it moving if you push hard enough, but as soon as you stop pushing, everything stops. And you have to always push as hard as you can and constantly. Then I get minimal payback. (the car barely moves)
But I can’t assume any of my applications will be successful so it’s full speed ahead till further notice. I’m targeting the Churches and Condos for computer repairs. It’s fukkin bullshit. I ran newspaper ads for a month and got ONE phone call. one.

4 thoughts on “Pushin it

  1. We’re in the same boat except that I haven’t worked outside our business in 25 years which makes me unmarketable and my husband is 61 which makes him pretty unmarketable. Seems there is no option for us but to try to move forward. UGH!

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