Productive Perfect Weekend

It was a busy weekend. Saturday I painted the roof, mostly. I did the sides and about a 5th of the floor, when I ran out of paint. I started at almost exactly 10:05 AM and ran out of my five gallons paint an almost exactly 4:44 PM.

Below are two videos, almost before and after I ran out of paint

Today, I’ll get more paint and hope it quits raining.

Sunday, in-between rainstorms, the wife had me trimming trees and bush. Funny thing is, she only wants them trimmed a little, If it was up to me, I’d prune the hell out of them. I get out the chainsaw, get the ladder, climb up there and cut one limb. “Ohh that’s perfect!” she says. “What about this one?” I ask, pointing to another limb. “Nooo,” she says, going all girly. “I just wanted that one cut.”

Can’t argue when women get that girly tone of voice. If you do, they switch to all pouty.

Sooo I put away the chainsaw and ladder, get the hedge trimmers and, following instructions, trim the hedges. Either cutting them “too square” or taking too much off.

But in the end, she was happy, I was happy and it was a good weekend.

Practically perfect weekend, I only left the property once, for about an hour Saturday morning, before I started painting.

Have a great week!

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