Problems On The Construction Front

On Saturday, yesterday, the foreman of my construction project quit. He said the owner of the company wasn’t paying him what was agreed. The owner says otherwise. He’s been replaced already, and I find his replacement acceptable.

Continuing the building of the walls, it became apparent that two electrical outlets are directly under two windows. This concerned me, because when someone leaves the window open and it rains, (which will definitely happen, sooner or later), water will come in the window and get the electrical plug wet. So, I ended up eliminatiing one window and moving another. Eliminating the window was easy, remove something like two and a half blocks and fill it in. Moving the window is going to take cosniderably more work. maybe removing 6 to 10 blocks.

Another concern I have is the bathroom. Theres going to be a stand up shower and a stackable washer and dryer. I think the shower entryway is going to have a toilet right in front of it. And I’m worried about the barrier between the shower and washer/dryer. The architect didn’t put the washer/dryer in the layout, but it is in the electrical drawings. The drawings show a big shower (bathtub size?) and no room for the washer/dryer. That’s something to worry about another day.

So I’m a little stressed right now. My vacation day was spent on the road, getting materials, stuck in inexplicable traffic. Yesterday I was helping the one worker move blocks. (more workers showed up eventually) And today I discovered that have and extra window that I hope I can take back. (It hasn’t even been delivered yet.)

That’s been my holiday/vacation/weekend so far. One more day till back to work.

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