Problems In Paradise!

I thought yesterday was Tuesday, but late in the afternoon, I realized it was Wednesday.(Yeay! Over the hump!)  But now my biological clock says it’s Friday, even though I know it’s not.

The car or scooter daily dilemma is pretty bothersome these days. Here, there are very concentrated rainstorms. You can be sitting on the beach in the sun, and see it raining a mile down the beach. Yesterday, I was ridinig back to work after lunch and it started raining. I could feel the sprinkles. Then the road curved and took my path was no longer into the path of the rain. Today is supposed to be the same. It’s blue skys above, but I see thunderheads down in town, where I’m going. Will they be gone by the time I go to work? Or should I take the car? Yesterday on the way home, I rode through a patch of rain and got quite wet. I didn’t even bother to stop and put on my raincoat because I could see clear skies ahead. Then it got sunny and I was all dry and normal by the time I got home.

Such problems I have here, living in paradise!

Have a wonderful day!

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