Pretty Pretty Flowers

I have nothing to post about today, so I’m just going to upload some picture pictures I took yesterday and Sunday, from our yard.

This is from a bush that I dug  up  at a construction site several years ago. They grow wild around the island.

It always seems to be hard to get them in perfect focus.

These are from a tall, grasslike plant that grows at the beach.  We have some in a pot, in our yard,

The same flower, it seems like they enjoy having good dirt, instead os straight beach sand.

Orchids in my wife’s ‘screen house’

closeup of the orchid flower

It started out kinda cloudy, with thunderstorm-looking clouds over the south, so I took the van. I’m at work now, and it’s nice and sunny, which is good! I was halfway to work when I realized I didn’t pubish this yet, so here goes!

Have a great day!

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