Pretty Frustrated Friday

I get pretty frustrated with the dogs some mornings, first off, I can’t seem to get out of the door without dog leashes wrapped around my legs. This morning, I told them to sit/stay, which they do pretty well, put the leashes on them opened the door with my back against the doorframe, and told them to go outside. There’s a huge space in front of me, virtually none behind me, yet one dog gotta squeeze behind me… Now I got leashes around my legs and I’m angry.

We get on the street, they’re pulling, every day, we work on “no pulling”, They “heel!” pretty good after the first block…

Today Daisy pooped in the middle of the street while she walked, crapping like a frikkin’ horse.

This morning, I just couldn’t handle it. After the first block, I was so frustrated I turned around and took ’em home.

Then I went swimming. Ahhhhh! Floating in the sea first thing in the morning is my favorite sensation. I’ll be thinking about it all day.

All my stress melted like sugar in seawater.

And it’s Friday! Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Pretty Frustrated Friday

  1. I feel the exact same way trying to get the harness’s on both my little dogs. Coco goes mental and just won’t sit still and Marley lies on her back! So frustrating. Then walking them… Coco has to sniff EVERY SINGLE BUSH/TREE/POST and Marley just wants to run off. Some days they have to just stay home. And I don’t have an ocean next door to just float in to calm me down! You are so lucky.

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