Presha Washa

Finally a Friday. Yesterday seemed like Friday, real bad.

I bought a new pressure washer yesterday. A Craftsman. I need to seal the front porch, back porch, driveway and roof. Plus I need to pressure wash the house itself.

Craftsman is a brand that once was good, but soon will go down the toilet. Their tools are getting worse, harder to find. I went in a Sears last time I was in the USA and it was like a junk shop. The tool section was like a clearance sale, a couple of bins with the tools piled in.

I used to work at Sears, before I joined the Navy, I have a spot in my heart for Sears.

IT’S FRIDAY! And a long weekend, Monday is a holiday.

My Wife went to Fort Lauderdale yesterday, coming back Monday. Hopefully, it will be a nice weekend for me to do some house work. Not housework, house work.

Have a good weekend!

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