Poor Poor Sheba

Sheba has been itching and scratching and biting herself for months. We’ve taken her to the vet, got medicine and cream and shampoos and it seems to get better for awhile and then gets bad again. Finally we paid for this expensive allergy test that was to be the mother of all mothers of a test, and we’d definitely know what was causing the problem then. But, the vet made no big deal of this test, and started again, cycling us through the pills and medicines and shampoos that didn’t work first time…Shebacone

poor poor Sheba Girly Girl!

Yesterday Poor Sheba was bloody from biting at the base of her tail. The Wife took her to the other vet. Now Poor Poor Sheba is in the cone of shame, and she’s embarrassed! And she got her butt shaved and looks funny. Also she’s on human Benedryl, and some other medicines with a crazy schedule, heavy doses at first, tapering off slowly. I like it. First of all Shebas tail is sure to heal because of the cone, and I like the heavy doses of medicine tapering off. It makes sense to me.I had to write down a list of what pills she gets and when she gets them.

In other news, here is a picture of our cat, Little One, in a basket in a tree. It is “cute”, designed to make girls go “squeeee!”Jan 22, 2013 025Lunchtime today marks the hump in humpday, after lunch, next weekend is closer than last weekend was!

8 thoughts on “Poor Poor Sheba

  1. So, do the vets actually know what is wrong with Sheba? Do they know what the allergy is? Please don’t tell me that you all went around spending a fortune only to get the answer that “We just don’t really know”

  2. Our dogs are allergic to fleas.
    Poor Sheba, at least she doesn’t look miserable.
    Our Teddy does, he HATES his cone.. but sadly he will be in it for a couple of months until his rump heals.
    He won’t leave it alone to heal, hence the cone.

    I will not be going ‘squeee’ at ya cat, I’m not a cat person at all.
    I did a video of ME talking yesterday, in case you missed it!

  3. Have you tried putting garlic in her food? That’s what I do with my dogs. I’d start with two cloves of minced raw garlic a day for a while. It cured my Shadow of a bad case of red mange, which is caused by a microscopic bug. Also, if you can get diatomaceous earth, no bug without a vertebrae can survive from a dusting with it. It’s non-toxic and you can find out about it on the web. I use that on my dogs, too, to get rid of fleas. It works pretty well. Hopefully, you can get something done. Itchy skin for anyone is not fun : (

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