Poor Lil Blog

I was just looking at WordPress’s “Freshly Pressed”. There are some amazing posts. It makes me wish my blog was better. I don’t have topics. Maybe I shouldn’t post first thing in the morning. It’s been part of my morning routine for years, coffee and post. But my brain isn’t up to speed in the morning, I don’t think, (how would I know?)

I love my camera, and I carry it around everywhere but seldom use it. Blog posts need photos, I think. I wish I had a job that required me to take pictures. Maybe. I never really had that thought before till now, when I just typed it. I’m 55 and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

I was sleeping very deeply when  the alarm went off this morning. I feel very dazed. Just started cuppa coffee #2. Maybe I will try some afternoon postings for a while. Maybe I won’t. I don’t like to be indoors when it’s daytime. I can’t see my internet device in the sun. Maybe I need to make some changes. My life is routine, routine, routine. I think I like routine, maybe I don’t.

I don’t know, I’m rambling.

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1 thought on “Poor Lil Blog

  1. I started blogging to bitch about Bush…then it sort of drifted into West posts…then both..then my opinions about everything..then I did a series of memory posts..from the 1950’s up until 2006 I think…those were fun..I loved that..then I got lazy and started doing memes…then I burnt out on that and I’m back to bitching about the gop’s running for office, and West and shit..but I sorta miss the memes so I am going to do them on mondays..just not as many…try the memory posts..they were fun..pick a year..try to remember what you did that year, what was going on music wise, news events for that year..can’t hurt..it’s a lot of work though..

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