Poor Dog

Poor Dog_snapshotWe got our dog Sheba from our neighbors up the street, who left her tied up in the sun all day with no water. They actually moved and left Sheba for the tenants who rented the house to take care of. We asked the renters, who asked the neighbors and they gave Sheba to us 5 years ago.
Now the same neighbors are back, and they have another dog tied up in the same place, with no water or food or shade. Some people don’t deserve a dog, and they should be tied up in the yard with no food or water or contact with an other living being. I made this video to give to the humane society.

[jwplayer mediaid=”9852″]

7 thoughts on “Poor Dog

  1. I can’t watch the video, it would make me too sad. Someone needs to tie those jerks up in their back yard with no shade, food or water! I hope the Humane Society takes the dog from them and gives them a whopping fine!

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