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Plastic bags give me the creeps. I don’t use them for my lunch anymore, I used to but throwing them away bothers me. The may sit on a shelf for years, get used for hours, and then sit in the garbage for years.

Same with plastic silverware.

At home we use the same plastic bags over and over. We have one marked “cheese” you keep the cheese in. When the bag is empty, it goes back in the fridge until we get more cheese and we use it again.

Why did the grocery stores switch from paper bags to plastic bags? That was stupid.

ocean-plastic-toxic-absorbI used to try to use the same plastic bag over and over again for lunch at work, but they can’t handle the wear and tear of the daily commute.  Now I use a tupperware.

Plastic is excellent stuff but we have made it too disposable.

8 thoughts on “Plastic bags

  1. i know we have. and i still continue to use plastic bags at the grocer – although i recycle them – either by using them as trash bags or by putting them in the recycle collection.

  2. we can use paper at our two grocery stores if we want..and the have thick paper handles and are really strong and can be used again and again if you take them and fold them up ..

  3. Here they charge 5 cents for each plastic bag. We use cloth ones. We also have a special trash can that is designed to use grocery plastic bags as trash bags in it.

  4. The stores should have never went to plastic. They are horrible for the environment. I try my best not to use them, but they are everywhere. Now I take my recyclable bags with me to the store, but the plastic ones still get used for trash. Those photos are just a reminder of how plastic bags should be avoided.

  5. This country is trying to cut down on plastic bags too. We use boxes and re-usable bags for grocery shopping, and Tupperware for stuff in the fridge.
    If only everyone tried to stop using the plastic bags eh?

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