Every morning when I walk my dog, I can tell that it’s getting darker and darker, because the sun is coming up later and later. This morning that singing bird I’ve mentioned wasn’t there. The first day of summer is the longest day, after that they get shorter until the first day of winter.
This morning I feel kind of “Plaino” I don’t feel good or bad, happy or sad. Just Plaino. I think I invented a new word. I always wonder how does someone know how they feel? compared to what? The only reference is how they felt at a different time. There’s no way for a person to know how they feel compared to someone else. Maybe my “plaino” is someone elses estatic, or vice versa. Yesterday, when I walked outside, it was fantastic- EUREKA! This morning was just…..plaino.
I wonder whatever happened to that mouse in my storage box? And if he’ll cohabitate with all the curleytail lizards that live there too, or if someone’ll move out? I’d rather have the lizards.
This girl from work brought in her computer for me to fix. I added a hard drive and now it won’t boot up. No video, nothing, just some beeps. I’m thinking the power supply or video card went bad. Of course, she’s going to think I broke it. I would hate to give it back to her in worse shape than when she gave it to me. I want to fix it and be a hero, not stumble through and be a screwup. You see, that’s the problem, I wanted to fix her computer to make myself look good, not to be helpful, and because of my impure motive, I get punished.
Today is my split shift day, I take a looong lunch
hour and then work late for a live program. I like the long lunch hour. I go to the beach and take a shower before I go back to work. I need some time at the beach. Remember how I’ve been complaining about the past few weekends being cloudy? I like the sun!

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  1. Ya know, I thought that I invented a new word once. It was just a couple of months ago. It was a cuss word, and a doozy at that. But then I saw the cuss word on someones blog about a month after I invented it. I had never typed the word on my blog so they couldn’t have gotten it that way. Odd to think 2 people invented the same cuss word around the same time. Makes me think that maybe this cuss word wasn’t a new invention after all. Oh well… I tried.

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