Plain ‘Ol Post

Another beautiful Monday. Perfect looking weather.

It was a nice weekend. I can’t even remember it. I took a nap yesterday, a two and-a-half hour nap.

I got us a pitcher of coconut water from our coconut tree.

It was a perfectly uneventful weekend.

I was wondering, if I found the same kind of paint for my roof somewhere else, and they mixed the color, if it would be the same? I was kind of thinking that since the original store had the color in their paint mixing computer, that they had to mix it, but maybe not.

My coffee is weird this morning. I started with too much water, just a smidge, but ended up with less than a full cuppa coffee. Defying the laws of physice. And the coffee is strong and bitter.

I guess that it’s about time to head to work, and find out what amazing bullshit they have in store for me

Have a great week!

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