Plain Ol’ Americans

Cam Newton, quarterback for the American football team the Carolina Panthers, says he’s an African American quarterback, and that people are afraid of him. Funny, I didn’t know he was born in Africa, migrated to the US and became an American citizen. In my life, I have knowingly only met one African American. He was born in Zimbabwe, moved to the US, got a green card, nd later got full citizenship. And he’s a white guy. Sorry Cam, you’re just a plain ‘ol American, just like most Americans. And you’re a great quarterback, hope your team wins the Super Bowl!


It’s been my observation, that many Caribbean black people think it’s funny that American black people want to be called African Americans, because it’s not true. African Americans moved from Africa and became citizens, and it has nothing to do with skin color.   

Yesterday, I rode the scooter for the first time in about two weeks. The weather forecast had predicted rain every day till yesterday. Tonight, it’s supposed to start raining again, and rain all weekend. I hope I can make it home again this afternoon before it starts raining. The scooter was super hard to start yesterday, I was ready to give up when it finally came to life.

Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Plain Ol’ Americans

  1. That is interesting, what you said here. I have always thought that it was the European Americans who started the trend where everyone was to be known by – American titles, like Asian – American, African-American, etc. Notice you haven’t really heard much about the European Americans, as they usually just go by the moniker American.

  2. I am a German Irish English American.
    Mutt American but with 1% American Indian.
    Born and beard here in the USA.

    I had an employee from Gsnah he has dule citizens ship and he calls himself Africa American.

    Interesting topic .

  3. African American has been a sore spot for me as well. Makes no sense. So, in other words, I can call myself a German-American because I am a direct descent of my 5th great grandfather on my father’s side. And a Welsh-American, Scottish-American, English-American, give me a break. Yes, we asre all good ol’ Americans. Period.

  4. Sorry, I should have read before hitting post comments. The Welsh, Scottish, and English comes from Mom’s side. And I meant to say “are” and not asre in the last sentence.

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