Pistol MP3 Player?

Getting a slow start this morning, I thought I’d have some extra time, but it doesn’t seem that way.

Slept good but had weird dreams. I dreamed I was looking in stores for a MP3 player. The saleslady showed me one that looked like a yellow pistol. And it was a cassette player. I was looking at thru the plastic, and told the lady I didn’t want it because it didn’t have wireless headphones. Not sure it even played MP3s, it looked old, probably just a cassette player.

Then a friend of mine walks up, carrying a bathroom sink. He’s angry, and says “Look at this.” He opens the tap, (there’s no water hooked up) and the thing starts vibrating and making horrible noise and I can see the pipes and fittings cracking. I reach out and touch it and everything is loose, barely bolted together. He seems angry, like it’s my fault his bathroom sink is falling apart. Last thing I remember in the dream is telling him the first thing he needs to do is tighten everything up.

And that’s it for today. Havva goodun!

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