Pissed about nothing

Last night I was all bent out of shape because my stupid online college didn’t send enough answer sheets. Then I found out they sent exactly enough-I was out of answer sheets because I was out of lessons!
Now I have to lean on them to send the other material. This should be the good stuff!

This morning for my run/swim, it was cloudy, and as soon as I started running, it started raining. I was appropiately dressed however, in swimtrunks, so I just ran and swam in the rain. I floated in the water on my back for a while, looking up with rain falling on my face. It was still dark and there was a half a moon in and out of clouds. As the moon gets smaller, it will get darker and darker.
So far this week has been very hectic. I thought I asked for a quiet week!?

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  1. I’m really jealous of your morning run/swim. That would be so wonderful to be able to do first thing in the a.m. Our mornings lately have been pretty cool and gray. Just like fall. That’s why I hate fall.

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