Pictures On Monday

It was an Ok weekend. Friday and Saturday I recorded a conference at the National Drug Council. I edited and distrubited the recordings. Like a part time job that I don’t get paid for. I love editing audio though, so I don’t mind.

Trying to get Lenny to loosen up.

Above is Lenny, Sheba and I. In this picture, Lenny is tense as a board. He’s scared to death of me. He’s definitely a mommas boy.

Saturday, the vet came over to check Lenny. Lenny was trembling like a sissy when the vet was checking him. He is having a porblem with a rear ankle, and is on “light duty” for two weeks. That means I left both dogs home for my run this morning. It also means that for two weeks, I can actually run instead of walk. (one dog can’t go means that both stay home)

I gave both dogs a bath Sunday. Sheba liked it. Lenny didn’t. Not at all. But he smells better.

Lenny and Goldie. Trust must be earned.

He’s not as afraid of the cats as he seems to be of everything else, but he’s wary. Goldie is the least aftaid of him.

My rainfort

Saturday morning, it rained. Here’s my “rainfort” where I sit outside anyway. The umbrella is very low.

Posting a rare weekend post from my “rainfort”.

Here’s me, posting a rare weekend post in my rainfort. Saturday, it rained in the morning. I don’t really call it a rainfort. I just made it up for this post. It’s just a beach umbrella with a shorter than normal bottom pole.

It’s Monday and I’m neutral feeling about it.

Have a good day, have a good week, I hope on your head, the roof don’t leak.

That’s a poem I just made up.


2 thoughts on “Pictures On Monday

  1. Lenny is going to take a while acclimate to his new surroundings. Do you have a deep voice? Maybe if you talked like Mickey Mouse it might make you less of a threat.

    • I was thinking the same thing. He’s cooperates more with the wife, and I was thinking the oice might have something to do with it.

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