Picture Tuesday

My coffee pot, red hot, making coffee. I took this pic because of the orange crescent reflection of the burner between the two halves of the coffee maker. It was much cooler in real life.

I’ve been told more than once, that if you hang a plastic bag full of water up, it will keep flies away. This is a plastic bag of water at night on our back porch, with me holding my flashlight against the bottom. I was out froghunting at the time! I’m not too sure it keeps flies away very well!

My wife’s newest brand of shampoo. This cracks me up. I certainly hope that all shampoo contains no poo!

Yesterday, I went to the doctor about my foot. He said the break wasn’t bad and should heal 100%. He recommended that I wear the boot to work for a while longer, but I can wear my hiking boots and walk in the mornings. He says if it starts hurting, to stop, but basically, if it doesn’t hurt, all is well.

And he said I could SWIM! But again, he said if it hurts, stop it. He said this when I asked about about walking on the beach and the dangers of the uneven seabottom.

I’m planning on taking it easy for a while, and ease back into it. When I got home yesterday afternoon, I put on my left boot, and set aside the cast-boot or the rest of the day. Walking was weird at first. I could tell my left leg was weak. Went walking this morning, not far, half a mile. I plan on going to the beach at lunch! Hope it’s not rainy!

Left boot, right boot. It’s what I’m wearing to work! No cast-boot!

Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Picture Tuesday

  1. Interesting about the bag with water to repel flies, might have to try it and see if it works. Good news for your foot. If it feels good do it is pretty good advice.

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