Picture Post

I feel a lot better than I did on my last post. Yesterday I went snorkeling at lunch and took these fish photos



imageThe same boxfish


My Mom was in seat 7g. I took  this pic from outside my office. See her waving? Me either, she said she didn’t see me.

imageBlasting down the runway.

imageBye Mom!

imagebye! hurry back

When I got home from work yesterday, I mowed the yard. It needed it. It was almost dark when I got done.

Now, suddenly, the daunting long week is almost done.

5 thoughts on “Picture Post

  1. My Mum is flying in today! (1st October). I’m half looking forward to it, and half dreading it!).
    My blogging will have to be done on the sly as she HATES me blogging.
    She does not understand WHY I blog, why I love to blog… bla bla bla.

    She is 76… and refuses to embrace modern technology at all. She has a cell phone, but can only use it as a ‘phone’.

    I hope your Mum’s visit was lovely and she enjoyed herself.

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