Picture Of The Inside Of My Head

Last night, I was speculating on my mind, comparing the morning brain-dead-ness. Looking around inside my head, so to speak. How I felt then to now I feel now. “Feel” isn’t really the proper word. I don’t know what word to use. The difference between the inside of my head last night and now is astounding. Normally, I just feel how I feel and cannot really detect the changes, as they happen slowly. Last night I made an effort to “take a picture” that I can look at today. It seems to be effective, I can tell the difference, but I cannot be specific on what the difference is.

I wonder if there’s been any studies done on this? I’ll have to look into it today when I’m supposed to be working….

Bahamas sure don’t need another strike. They need a few months os sunshine to dry things out so they can rebuild.

It’s raining here now but we need the rain.

This morning I couldn’t find my coffee cup. Finally, I found it where I left it yesterday, with a half a cuppa coffee in it! Oh the shame, the embarassment!

Have a great day!

One thought on “Picture Of The Inside Of My Head

  1. What a shame and waste of a quadruple coffee! Not that I drink coffee. Now… I have sent you a friend request on Facebook… cos I closed one of my accounts down, the one with you on it! Whoops. Anyway, I’m now down to only one FB account. Also, I sent you a PM on Facebook, talking about the Christmas Present I sent you LAST YEAR. I just got it back! Go read me blog… the ‘story’ is on there too. I need your address dude. PM me or email me.

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