Personal Disaster

My hard drive was almost full, so yesterday, I MOVED the contents of My Pictures to an external drive. This morning I find that all the lose files and folders moved, but all the folders are empty! I lost all the contents of My Pictures and every other folder I had in My Pictures. Damn, this is bad, really bad. Years of pictures, tons of files….. I gotta try to recover them.

7 thoughts on “Personal Disaster

  1. UPDATE! I rebooted the computer and plugged in the external hard drive and the pictures were there. The folders did not show up as empty!WHEW!

  2. WHEW, I was just about to contact you with a long explanation to suggest a program I use to recover data…Hiren Boot Disk. Parted Magic has saved my ass multiple times. I highly suggest having this boot disc around at all times! Many other helpful tools on it as well!

  3. oh that's great..I took pictures and lost them yesterday..somethings wrong usually I down load my pictures and they go into a file..not now and can't find them any where..not even by looking for the date they were taken and down loaded..feck

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