Perseverance Robot Landing TODAY!

Today is the day! The Perseverance robot heads for its daunting landing. I read that only 40% of Mars landings have been successful.


This expensive lander is as big as a car and there’s also a helicopter!

I’ll be following the play by play today and hope for total success! FYI, 20:00 GMT equals 3 PM Cayman time, which is the same as EST. Below is the NASA Live Stream that should be covering it.

Yesterday was a holiday here. I started mowing the yard, then the mower broke so I repaired it and finished mowing. Then it got cloudy but rained everywhere but here. I took a nap and went out for a burger. And I cleaned my desk insides.

Have a good day!

One thought on “Perseverance Robot Landing TODAY!

  1. Watched this last night on NASA live video. Incredible to see it land so far away and without any problems. I heard this is a round trip for Perseverance so it will be fascinating to monitor that too.
    Good to hear from you again. Hope things are going well. Still got the dog that you were training, I forget his name. We are in our 3rd lockdown for covid. It ‘s supposed to last until the beginning of May. Everything is closed except grocery stores and we can’t travel past 5km of our house. Everyone is getting covid tired. Have a good weekend.

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