Pasting back and forth

It’s Saturday morninng. I just woke up, I slept late for me. (7AM Whoooooo!!! That’s late.) The coffee is going and THAT’S exciting to me.

I gotta make it to the beach today, I gotta. Last night I slept with nothing on my foot. All I have now is that tan colored stretchy bandage on my foot, so I can take it off whenever I need to. I can take showers!

I’m going onto work today for a while, they’re testing the generator for hurricane season and power will be switching around and I should be there. Once they literally blew every fuse in every piece of equipment I have, blew up every UPS power supply and started a fire in the newsroom. But that was different people taking care of the generator!

0 thoughts on “Pasting back and forth

  1. hehehe — too funny that you’re now not only writing your posts but also commenting before the rest of us!!! 🙂 I was up at 8:00 am this morning — ick! So NOT like me on a Saturday. Anyway, glad your foot seems to be doing better. Take care….

  2. Yes, a surge protector caught on fire next to the curtains, a newsman put it out. It looked like someone shot the surge protector with a shotgun. It also burned all the wires going up to a computer on a desk. I was there, the lights got double bright!Souther Sweetheart, I gotta get the comments started somehow!

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