Party Tonight!

Tonight we’re having my wifes co-workers over for a party. We have a whole tenderloin I’m cooking on the grill. I could have gotten Prime Rib for less money, but you know what? To me, Prime Rib isn’t that great a cut of meat. I haven’t been impressed with prime rib in a long time. Maybe I’ll give it a go again someday, when I’m cooking it myself. On the grill.

Below is a picture of a Yacht I took off of Seven Mile Beach. This type of yacht is pronounced YACHT, not YOT. There are no silent letters in the really fancy YACHTS. Click the pic to enlarge and notice the helicopter is in a helicopter case. And there is a boat on davits on the side that is bigger than most peoples main boats. And it looks like a really fancy RIB speedboat on top under the covers. The smoke stack makes me think that is has gas turbines, one of the newest, best propulsion systems out there. This is one sweet ride!
I don’t know who owns it, but anyone with a YACHT like that is surely one of my regular blog readers, all the most successful people are!

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  1. Well, I'm a regular reader of your blog and I don't own a Yacht. Actually that would look a bit funny sitting in our yard, LOL!!! More like Noah's Ark than a Yacht*wink*I agree with you about prime rib and so does my Dh, who has been a butcher off and on for 25 yrs. I prefer sirlion myself*wink*Enjoy your weekend :o)

  2. It would appear that the Tatoosh is for sale for a mere 165 million. You may want to take a look at it. It would make a heck of a dive boat. :-)

  3. Shoooooooot, that ain't nutin' – We've got 3 of those….one white, one red, white n blue and one black, red, n gold….and here I am readin your blog! Have a great party!! If I'd have known, I'd of let you borrowed one of the YACHTS for your party….debbie

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