Overslept, Woke Up Early

Yesterday, we had a power failure, and my bedside clock died. I reset it before going to bed.

THis morning, I woke up about half an hour before the alarm was supposed to go off, and tried to go back to sleep. 

I was snoozing, thinking “This half hour sleep is great!” Eventually I woke up again, and looked at the clock. 5:51. 51 minutes past wake up time. I NEVER oversleep, I was surprised. I didn’t remember turning the alarm off.

I got up and went to the bathroom to start my showering and shaving. I looked at my watch. 4:55. Go back to the bedroom and look at the clock. 5:55.

“Ohhhhh” says the brain. resser bedroom clock and lay down. 5 minutes later, the alarm (on my phone) goes off and I get up.

And here I am! Spot on time!

I’m thinking I could maybe start sleeping till 5:30…..

Have a great day! 

One thought on “Overslept, Woke Up Early

  1. Someday, when you get old enough, you’ll enjoy retirement. We don’t book any appointments before 11 AM. Now we sleep until we want to get up. Wait! I have to correct that. We sleep until the dogs get us up. 😉

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