Over Workload

I was having fantastic dreams when the alarm went off this morning. I can’t remember them now, but I hit the snooze button twice to continue. It astounds me that I can’t remember this dream. I was sure I’d remember it when I was waking up.
Today is an impossibly busy day. I have to:
Pick up an antenna at the airport.
Meet the competitions Engineers about relocating their transmitters to our tower.
Find and order new codecs and modems so we can double the bandwidth of the signal we are sending to the the other islands. (I’ve been putting this off, and it needs to get done!)
Meet the public works guys about installing new air conditioning.
Physical therapy at hospital for my foot, 12:30-1:30
Set up for a broadcast that is from 2-4 PM
Finish assembly of BBC Satellite dish. point the dish at the satellite and get the receiver working for the newsroom. (unlikely this will be completed today, but at least put some more parts on the dish!)
A sales lady wants me to help her hang some pictures in the lobby, I need to buy hangers for that and at the same time, some power cable for my backup transmitter.

And a few other things. My list of backlogged things just keeps getting longer and longer…
This is me under paid and over worked:
Get it? I made a funny! ha HA!

Tomorrow morning I am going to the other island in the morning. there was a show there Friday afternoon that was cancelled, and there is the agriculture show that is Saturday. Oh yeah, today I have to pack up all my equipment for that too! Thanks for reminding me!

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  1. How weird, I too had fantastic dreams today too. I was pretty bummed when I was awoken just when the dream was starting to get interesting. Oh well, maybe I’ll just take a nap this afternoon. Ha ha.

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