Orange Juice

I bought a half gallon of Tropicana 100% Pure Orange Juice. It tastes like candy! It tastes completely artificial. It certainly doesn’t taste like an orange.
I think it’s nasty! It’s all sickly sweet. The manufacturer must load it up with sugar.
I am going to start my own taste test contest and see which I like best.
What kind do you think is best? I think I like the cheap stuff that is in the canned goods aisle. 100 % unsweetened orange juice in a can, no name brand. At least what is in the can is what it says on the label.

0 thoughts on “Orange Juice

  1. If you're going to by Orange Juice, always get the one with LOTS OF PULP, because that's as natural as it gets. I always get the Tropicana with Lots of Pulp. Don't bother with anything else!Or you could always buy oranges & squeeze to make your own!

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