Operation Iguana Rescue

I was outside at work yesterday, and I kept hearing scratching from the aluminum gutter above me. More than once, I got up and looked, but couldn’t see anything. Finally I saw a little piece of iguana tail, struggling in the raingutter.

There’s a ladder fire excape that goes up to the roof, but I didn’t want to climb it, because of my foot. I called a fellow animal lover co-worker, and he went up on the roof, and indeed, an iguana was stuck in the gutter, couldn’t reach his legs high enough to reach the top, and couldn’t get traction on the aluminum.

We got a peice of carpet, to put in the gutter, so the iggie would have traction, but he ran along the gutter into the downspout and tried to escape. He promptly got stuck, with his tail poking straight up in the air!

So the maintenance department was called. If the iguana died there, it would be stinking for a long time as the corpse rotted.

They removed the gutter and downspout, took the iguana, unharmed to safety, and put the gutter back together.

I’m sure that iguana is glad to be out of there! It’s possible that I heard him scratching yesterday afternoon, before I went home. Not sure..

AND IT’S FRIDAY! Long weekend too!

Yesterday was finally my first beach lunch.

Have a great weekend!!!

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