On Corona Virus, By Me

Overall, I think the world is majorly over reacting. My wife went to the store yesteray and there was no toilet paper. I thought people buying all the toilet paper was a joke on Facebook. Also gone was bleach and sanitization products.

The picture below is a few weeks old, But it illustrates that lots of everyday things are worse. China is now saying the peak has passed.

I personally wouldn’t mind a couple weeks quarintined in my house. It would be like a much needed vacation. I know one person (in Miami) who said he had it and got over it. He said it was like a cold.

That being said, it’s good so many people are more conscious about washing their hands, but any people wonder wonder how long 20 seconds is. Well, I’ve found the following method to be perfect. You already know the words in the video below, if you recite them (in a very loud voice) while washing your hands, it’ll be about perfectly timed. If you want to be extra safe, you can hum the tune (loudly) afterwards.

Have a good Friday the 13thm and a good weekend!

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