Oil Rig #4 or 5

Last week there was another oil rig parked near the island. From shore. this one looked smaller thn most I’ve seen. Never have I seen one stay around for so many days, they’re always on the horizon, being transported.

I’ve head they are assembled in Bonaire, and hauled up to the gulf. Search for “oil rig” on this blog and see what you get. I haven’t done it yet.

Today, I’m taking Ashy Thee Cat to work with me, then the vet at noon, she’s been coughing, she seems grumpy and we wonder if she’s in pain, plus she needs her annual shots. The wife has a detailed list. Checkbook: prepare for a workout today!

Have a great day! We’re supposed to get some rain this week, we need it.

4 thoughts on “Oil Rig #4 or 5

  1. I don’t see how people with multiple animals (I know, you have three) handle the vet bills. I thinking about the people that have 10 cats and 5 dogs and …

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