Off Beat Ride

I just woke up, walked dogs and cats and chickens. Drinking coffee. No shower yet, as I’m taking the day off today. I feel kind of brain damaged and must assume that the morning coldwater hosedown is a component for waking up as critical as coffee. Perhaps even moreso.

Our bag of chicken feed got bugs. So I dumped it in the backyard. There is a chicken feast happening.


There were, and will be, many more chickens eating from that pile. I need new chicken feed, and an airtight container to keep it in.

The reason I am taking the day off is because the exterminator is coming this morning. We may have termites. Can’t be bad- concrete house.

Also, our internet has been flakey. Going off in the evenings. My spell checker says you spell flakey “flaky” but I  like flakey better.

I have just been informed there is dog poop on the porch, so I must go, my people need me.


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