Occasional Obsessions

Happy Friday!

I remember probably 30 years ago, I saw a $13 Monocular at WalMart. I thought to myself, “It’s pretty cool, but I don’t need it”. For three days, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I laid awake all night, three nights. Finally, I went back and got it. At last! I could sleep again! And you know what? I still have it, I still think it’s the coolest thing on earth, and I still use it.

Now, I became obsessed with Pico Projectors, about 6 months ago or more. Don’t need it, got no real use for it, ordered it yesterday.

AAXA Technologies P2-A 130-Lumen WVGA LED Smart Pico Projector

It’s supposed to be delivered Monday, but I’m thinking I can get it today, if it arrives on the island. We had an old, big, super cheap projector but it’s disappeared around the house somewhere, wife and I looked for it a couple times, but it didn’t turn up. I don’t think it really would have mattered though, I was obsessed. Not with this particular model, just a pico projector.

I’m so excited!

This morning our walk (Sheba and mine) was kinda nasty. There was a garbage truck right behind us. We’d walk and get away, then it’d pull up right behind us and start loading peoples garbage, we’d almost get away, and it’d pull up behind us again. It was noisy and stinky.

Did I mention that it’s Friday? I’m so excited! Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Occasional Obsessions

  1. I’m excited for you!! So what will you use the projector for and what do you watch it on? A tiny screen? I’ve never seen such a thing.

    • No! It shines on the wall! Huge movie screen picture. Further away from the screen = bigger picture. It can do Powerpoint presentations videos and slideshows, it has Android and Netflix, I can add other Android apps too!

  2. I don’t get so obsessed with technical things but I do with art..even though I know I really don’t need another piece of art if I see something that touches me, I obsess about it and usually end up with it ☺ Have a super weekend Mark.

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