Obamacare Dead

The BBC news today says that Obamacare is dead. Thank God for that. Obamacare would have prevented me moving back to the US, even if I wanted to. EVERYONE I know had their annual medical costs go up to $30,000-$40,000 per year. I could have never afforded that. And for not being able to afford it, I would have had to pay hefty fines, like a criminal.

The prices will probably never go down to what they were, I think Obama did serious and permanent damage to the US.

Friday! Have a good weekend!

One thought on “Obamacare Dead

  1. Clearly I have no idea about USA’s healthcare system. But I hear on the TV the other day that without Obamacare, a TV host’s newborn son would not have been able to have open heart surgery, that saved his life… and then there’s you and others saying Obamacare is dreadful?
    I just don’t get it.
    What’s it going to be like NOW that Obamacare is no more?
    Here, if you need surgery, it’s paid for by our government via our taxes. If you are from overseas, you have to pay for it here.
    Everyone pays to see the Dr, but it is subsidised. Children up to 18 are free.
    What’s different in the USA?

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