Not as beachy as I thought, but. . . .

Walking North on Seven Mile Beach

Yesterday, I took the OI Girl to work, then stopped on the way back home for a beach walk. Then I came back home and the phone was ringing. The OI Girl received her money for her car (did I mention she found one and we put a down payment on it?) and we went and picked it up, got insurance and licensed it etc. Then she drove to work, I came home and ker-splash! Water started pouring from the front of my car. My water pump broke. So I filled it up with water, and made it down to the shop. They fixed it, and dropped it back off to my apartment in four hours. Talk about sevice!
So I’m back on track, ready to pick my friends up at the airport in just a few hours.
I heard it snowed two feet in Buffalo New York…

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  1. Marky Mark, I’m getting ready to pack my bags and come your way. It was frosty this a.m. No snow here, but it was a very chilly morning for my walk to the office. Not liking it one bit!

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