Not a bad day yesterday

I didn’t go postal yesterday, It wasn’t even a bad day. I had to cancel my Vets appointment. I always forget I have to work late on Wednesdays. I rescheduled the appointment for next Thursday. I had the good ‘ol split shift yesterday, I went to the beach at lunchtime and walked and walked. There were 6 or 7 cruise ships in so it was crowded. Sometimes I like a crowd and sometimes I like the beach to myself.

Also yesterday I got a real bad hankering for a new underwater camera. I stopped by a photo place at lunch, and I called around a little bit, picked out the best one and after work, went to pick it up. Then the salesman was a jerk (not the lady I talked to on the phone). All he had to do was ring it up and crunch my credit card. But noooooo! he had to try to sell all this other crap I said I didn’t want. And of course you all know I’m an idiot for not buying everything he wanted me to buy. I ended up not buying a single thing. I’ll order it online today.

I found a magazine article about people who have been fired because of their blogs. I scanned it and here it is. I read it, but I didn’t go read their blogs. I’ll have to take a look at mine and see if I could get in trouble. AND by the way, it’s from PEOPLE Magazine, and no, I didn’t ask anybodys permission to post these pics!

(click to view full size)

Anyway, that’s about it for today. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! and I was working Saturday but now I’m not! Yipeee! My rebreather is all put together, tested and ready to go!

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  1. Wow, that would suck if I couldn’t have my blog because of my job. There was one blog I used to read called The Disgusting Girl I Work With. OMG, it was hilarious. And then one day, it was gone. I’m afraid the author may have lost his job as well. A new camera?!? What kind, I need details…and I expect to see some pics?!?

  2. I stay at home with the kids right now, but I’ll be in the market for a job this spring… probably at the local high school and we all know how good they are with computers. My blog is sure to be found. It’s hardly difficult if someone REALLY wants to find it. I keep a close watch on it and so far, so good, but still. Anyway, I will know better than to ever post about my job, but it’ll take all the fun out of my TMI Tuesday game. And what to do about all my past stuff (even though I don’t link my archives, I’m sure they can find them). Bummer… Enjoy the new camera. I got a new digital one for xmas and it rocks! 🙂

  3. Hahaha… Carnealian, I could have easily written that blog about someone who worked near me… Too bad it’s gone, I would have loved to read it.Mark, looking *very* forward to seeing new pics. Good for you for not giving in to the high-pressure sales guy, and even more so for allowing him to learn that his tactics can actually screw him *out* of sales! You go!

  4. I’ve seen that article before but did realize that when I actually came across “jolie in ny” on my own several weeks ago that this was the same jolie! I try not to blog at work for those very reasons…. that and the fact that we monitor where everyone goes on the web….

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