Normal Reptile Sunday

Keeping with tradition, and following in the custom of bloggers everywhere since the days of Adam and Eve, I decided to post a reptile Sunday, where you post pictures of all the reptiles you’ve taken pictures of during the past week. So here’s mine:

This snake is headed in to work after a rough partying weekend.

Snake on the deck at my wife’s workplace.

Curleytail in the sun.

Boo-Boo the curleytail with some of her babies all piled up.

Iguana in the rain gutter. (This one’s not stuck, like the one the other day)

Green iguana, sittin’ on a fence.

Today we’re supposed to put the doors in, yesterday, after I didn’t think it was going to happen, all the pieces fell into place and we’ll be putting them in. I hope it goes well, quickly and easily. I forgot to buy new thresh-holds and hope we can use the old ones. They seem fine.

Have a nice Sunday!

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