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I don’t know what to post about today. So I’ll post a pic.
This is the Kirk Pride, it is in about 800 feet of water. I’d like to do this dive on my rebreather someday, but my rebreather is good to only 500 feet. It can be modified to go deeper. It would take about 12 hours to decompress after 10 minutes at 800 feet.

This picture was taken by Courtney Platt, from an Atlantis submarine

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  1. Hi Mark,Having been there literally about 1,000 times inside the safety of Atlantis' now retired deep dive subs, I have a great appreciation for just how deep this is. If you ever do the dive, it would be so cool to be waiting for you (inside the sub) with my camera. You'll have to hold still for 8 seconds though because that is how long the exposure was for this picture! The ambient light is dim, but as you can see here, it is not the dark of night due to the extreme clarity. Viz is about 250' on average down there! The bow is about 25'high and 60' away, so imagine how small you would look standing at the bow railing doing "I'm the King of the World", in this shot.

  2. For a no post day, that is fascinating! As an open circuit landlocked diver, I can't imagine doing something like that now. Looks like an incredible view, though!

  3. That is an awesome photo… and with the visibility at that depth it's not bad! I could NEVER go down that deep, I hold my breath when watching diving on TV!!! I think it's one of my biggest fears… drowning! My Dad drowned in 2000….

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