No Post Again

This is about the third day in a row I have nothing to post about. Today I go back to work. It seems like there was no weekend at all.

I the morning yesterday I went to the beach, Here’s a pic of my dog and his new umbrella. The beach was just getting good when it got to be time to go to the funeral, which lasted over 4 hours. There was an Asrtonomical Society meeting last night which I missed, because I just got home from the funeral and changed and could have made it out there late. I really wanted to go, because I wanted to show off my new binoculars. But I was starving, and went out to get food and ended up with beef ribs that were great!
I go out and go grocery whopping and spend $200 and not have any food. I buy condiments and frying pans and stuff. (I actually have only 1 frying pan, not a lot of cookware.) But I don’t buy any food. (That should be grocery shopping not whopping, I decided to correct it here not there.) I figure if I buy food, it would just go bad in the fridge becausse I never cook, but really, I wonder if I never cook because I never have anything cookable… (Excluding microwave burritos, I found some really old ones in the freezer)

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  1. Yea, I’ve gone to the grocery store and spent lots of money and come back with nothing. Nothing that I like, let’s say. Ditto looks perfectly happy under his new umbrella!

  2. I looked for you on TV this morning! I saw on the “Today” show that they were on location in Cayman covering the deep dive with no rebreather or tank competition or record setting thing – I watched the segment and kept looking for you – I remember you’ve talked about doing that in the past and wondered if you were there. Cool umbrella you have there for Ditto. I bet no other dog on Cayman has his very own! 🙂

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