No Percentage For Cling

Last week, the hardware store finally got my paint. The new paint turned out to be considerably darker than the old paint.

Why? With the precision computer mixing technology? Did the old paint fade so much in the two months the store was out?

I don’t think so…

The first time I bought the paint, the store said I had to mix it myself, and gave me the dye in an itty bitty jar. There was only a tablespoon or two of the dye, for 5 gallons of paint.

I think the difference is mainly because of the dye that clung to the inside of the teeny tiny jar. When you only have a shotglass full of thick dye, that cling to the sides make a substantial percentage, changing the color.

Soooo I need another $200 bucket of paint to try and fix it. Maybe 2 buckets… On the good side, I do have the waterproofing protection of the paint, even if it is two colors..

Maybe I’ll get paint of a third color!

Monday funday! Have a great week!

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