No More Slack

Daisy has been really good at her no barking training.. I decided to leave her out of her kennel while I went out last night.

I came home to a little dog party. Lenny was on the sofa, (not allowed) and Daisy was on hyperdrive, bouncing around like a madwoman in a pinball machine. Lenny just wants to be rebel badass and impress Daisy. The worst he can think of is getting on the couch.

Apparently, this newfound freedom caused Daisy forget she’s not supposed to bark in the house and her barking kept me up again.

All training forgotten in an instant.

I’m the one who has to stop thinking the dogs have learned or changed and stop cutting them slack. I’ve done it before and always tell myself not to do it again.

Oh well, they’re good dogs, They just need to be “managed”.

Cold, cloudy and windy here today. The temperature probably won’t even reach 80⁰.

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “No More Slack

  1. How old is your Daisy? We have an almost fifteen year old Lab, Erik, who is suffering from a bit of doggie dementia. He barks almost constantly for apparently no reason. We make a point of keeping him near, comforting him, etc., which helps a little. He does get through the night without barking unless he has to go potty. He is not climbing steps so lives on deck one and the back yard unless he goes for a ride in the car. The Vet gave us some meds for calming the barking, but it knocks him into senseless mode and sometimes has the opposite effect so we don’t use it often.

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