No More Lavash Bread

i used to love it, but i don’t know what happened. Now it’s so bland i can’t stand it. It actually depletes the flavor from food, including horseradish.

I just gotta stop using it

Yesterday was International Yoga Day, i did 108 Sun Salutations last night at One Heart. I’m sore today.

Today at work is annual safety training. Also payday. Because of safety training, i can’t go out and to my banking, effectively goofing off half a day. Well played bosses! HA HA!

Have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “No More Lavash Bread

  1. I understand about the bread. For awhile I wasn’t feeling well enough to stand up and make bread. Now I’m much better and back at it – making bread from scratch two or three times a week. While not making my own bread, daughter picked up bakery bread from the grocery. It’s just not the same! Wow, what a difference in taste. I’m glad to be back in my bread room!

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