No Idea

What do you call an Odocoileus that is blind?
No eye deer!
What do you call a blind Odocoileus with no legs?
Still no eye deer!

What do you call a no legged blind Odocoileus that has been spayed or neutered?
Still no fucking eye deer!
Sorry, I know that’s not funny at all, but I have No Idea what I’m going to post about today.

It’s Monday, the weather is weird. The wind was straight from the south blowing hard and now it’s swung around and is coming from the north. It’s like winter.
Still struggling with the new blogger interface. I keep getting pop ups to re-log in, and it’s a major hassle. Plus there are the “Secret Buttons” that you need use, even to leave a comment on someone else’s blog.
 Plus I can’t even find the list of blogs I follow anymore… The “reading list” button doesn’t do anything.

I can’t add text after an image unless I switch to HTML mode, because I can’t get to the bottom of the page. I really don’t like this new dashboard. It seems like it has too too too many problems to be released to the public yet.
You can’t even complain, the complaint section is designed so you can’t communicate. I can’t believe this is so bad. I compare it to paying someone to paint your house, one specific color. You come home and find it sloppily painted, all different colors, and none of the colors are the color you specified. If I turned work like this I’d be fired, any job I’ve ever had.

4 thoughts on “No Idea

  1. Mark, this is interesting. I guess you have an updated interface? I don't have this last time I checked.Now watch me log in to post and I will have the same issues as you do…just watch! I am good at letting Murphy in that way.

  2. I hated the last time the Blogger interface changed, which a long time ago now I guess. Of course it took months before I realized you could click on "old interface" or something and return to the, well, old interface. Which I did.

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