No Dumping!

My  wife dominates the interior of our home. Every flat surface is full of knick knacks. I have very few areas which I  must defend. My areas include: my nightstand, my desk, the top of the dogs kennel, and the top of a file cabinet that is in the closet. And a narrow strip of space on the bathroom countertop.

Lately, I’ve been missing clothes. My SpongeBob jammies had been missing for a long time. Lately jeans had started disappearing .

Last evening and this morning, I’ve been looking for a waterproof box that I’ve seen recently , but can’t remember where. While looking in my meager areas, I found all my missing clothes. The wife had been dumping them on top of the kennel.

When I do laundry, I fold my wife’s clothes and leave them on the bed so she can put them away. And I put mine away. I realize this morning that when my wife does laundry, I’ve been getting nothing back, she’s been dumping them on the kennel.

Sometimes I’ll wear a shirt or pair of shorts for a little while and not consider them dirty, and put them on the kennel to wear again. My clean clothes have been buried underneath all this time .

We’ve had discussions about the sanctity of my areas before, and I  guess we’ll have to have another .

Happy Tuesday! Rainy day, car day.

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