No Coffee In My Coffee

Normal routine. Get up. Shave, Walk dogs. Shower. Make lunch. Put on coffee and get dressed while it’s brewing.

This morning the coffee was weak. Very weak. Almost like water. It was water. I forgot to put the coffee in the brewer.

My wife has many types of teas, I selected “Breakfast In Paris”.

Hope it has caffeine. I stole one bag. Tastes like grass.

The tile is all laid, except a little spot in the bathroom, where the tiler says he has to wait for the plumber and the plumber says he has to wait for the tiler. Grout needs to go in between everything. And the back porch needs tile, about 10 square feet. My door is lost in Customs, still have the loaner.

And I’m leaving for work early, to buy stuff on the way there, and taking my lunch hour super duper pooper early, to bring the stuff back here.

Then I’ll be a prisoner at work, no breaaks till knockoff.

Almost done..

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