Nineteen-Eighty-Four Is Finished

This weekend I finished the book 1984, by George Orwell. I gotta say, I liked the first half quite well, from 50 to about 65% was an interesting, but overly long, explanation of how society’s classes work. Basically the upper class wants to remain upper class, the middle class wants to become upper class, and the lower class wants everything to be equal for everyone.

The final 35% is about his getting caught by the Thought Police, his breaking down and being rebuilt in captivity.

The book, while reading it, repeatedly reminded me of the movie Brazil, a weird movie where everyone pretty much works for the government and everyone always tattles on everyone else. This movie truly reminds me of someone rom the 1940’s or 1950’s view of the future. The clothes, architecture and style was 1940-50’s, computers looked like an antique typewriter with a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube, like in an old television) attached, and the user had to look into the CRT through what looks like a magnifying glass. Cosmetic surgery for was like a hobby for the upper class, and the main characters mother kept getting younger and younger throughout the movie.

The movie, I thought was a 1940’s person’s real view of what things would be like in the future.

We finally had some good rain Saturday, a whole lot. Good flooding everywhere. I have bananas almost ready to pick and the rain is what they needed. Sunday was cloudy, with a threat of rain, but not none that I saw. We even had an hour of sun, shining through a tiny hole in the clouds on the Caribbean radar picture on the Weatherbug app.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, at precisely 10:12 AM, I’m getting a covid 19 test at work. 10:12 is the scheduled time for me, as it takes three minutes to do the test and they want to efficiently test a lot of people. My friend had the test and they stuck a q-tip way up his nose, but I saw some people on TV get tested and they shoved it way down their throats. I prefer the throat over the nose.

Have a good week!

One thought on “Nineteen-Eighty-Four Is Finished

  1. The nose route seems to be the required route from what I’ve seen.

    I still haven’t started 1984… I mean started looking for it.

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