Nice Wet Morning

Had a nice walk this morning. Below is a picture of the moon going down behind clouds and a ship on the horizon. I haven’t seen a ship at sea since the covid lockdown started.

We’re supposed to have rain every day for as long as any weather app can see. Two people have said “Well, October is a rainy month anyway”. Both used exactly the same words. Really? I never knew that October was a particularly rainy month. Guess I do now!

Oh, and it’s October first, don’t forget to flip your calendar pages!

Havva good month!

4 thoughts on “Nice Wet Morning

  1. It rained (or should I say poured ) all last night, but today is bright, sunny and very hot. The water r and causes the sauna effect.

    I wonder why I have so much trouble getting into your site.

  2. What a pretty image. Any clue what the brand name was on that ship? It’s so very sad for those who work for cruise lines now. Many of the ships have been scrapped and the rest are out there floating around with skeleton crews. Ships are “living” things that can’t be just tied up and left until it’s time to take them out again.

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